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Top 5 reasons why brand identity is important

A brand image may not be something you think of consciously very often however it may have a bigger effect on your clients then you might think.

First, what is a brand?

A brand is the identity of a company,  a graphic that’s easily identifiable as belonging to a company but different enough as to distinguish it from other services or products. Branding is more than just a readable symbol with accompanying colors. A brand should define the essence of the company, it in most cases is the first thing a client will see so getting the defining features of a company is very important it’s the public face of the company after all, its personality and characteristics should clearly understood just by looking at it.


The trust factor

Having a brand image that not only looks good but clearly was well thought out gives out a sense of professionalism. The feeling of trust creates a safe environment for the client making them more eager to return back for more and to recommend the product/service to friends.


Employee motivation

A brand image that does not reflect the company can have bad effects to the employees working there. A poor brand might even make an employee feel embarrassed to represent it. You want a brand that makes the staff proud and accomplished to give off a feeling of self worth.



This goes without saying but an awesome brand can be vital during a advertising campaign. An ugly brand image that is difficult to remember might even cost more to advertise. If you see a poor quality logo the odds of you or your client paying much attention to it lessen and there for costing the company more resources to put its name out there.



With over half a million brands in circulation around the world it’s extremely important to create a name that stands out from the crowd. Having a great brand image can help you sell merch and even boost reviews and customer feedback.



With a good brand, you can define the category of work without spelling it out. Ods are you’ve seen a computer store logo and instantly got the feeling of technology or a spa resort logo giving off a sense of calmness. Having a well thought of logo tells your clients what your company is/does not only should your logo be memorable, it should give the desired impression of the brand so when clients observe it, they instantly feel exactly what your company is wanting them to feel.


So what about your brand? Is it not affecting the target audience desired? Maybe it doesn’t betray your company accurately?
If you have any questions about brand/logo design hit me up at or use the many contact buttons on the home page.
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