Why blockchain projects need more artists


Maybe you heard about it on the news or perhaps you’ve invested a little into the various currencies. It all sounds very technical, and it is! The technology is designed to replace a lot of infrastructure that impact our daily lives, as a result making a more decentralized society. 


It’s bigger than just currencies. 

Everything from social media to renewable farming practices can all be used with blockchain technology. This gives a wide scope to all sorts of job applications this is not just a field for programmers.  Major companies like Amazon Google Microsoft have all gotten into the space, blockchain means big business. Within the last 12 months cryptocurrency related jobs have surged over 300%.


Graphical user interfaces are lacking.

In the majority of blockchain projects the GUI (graphical user interface) is either out of the picture completely or is poorly designed. Bridging the technical mathematical cryptographic constructs of cryptocurrency with a easy to use user interface is mandatory for mass adoption if cryptocurrencies are ever going to make it big. Designers have to figure out a way to make something complex look simple and intuitive. Bitcoin should be a project that even my grandma can use, and I think we are getting closer, services like coinbase are proof that it can be done. This is a space where artists are desperately needed, specifically in terms of designing user-friendly interfaces that encourage brand new users to use blockchain services without much difficulty or learning curve.


Blockchain has a lot of room to grow but accelerating that pace might require a little bit more of creativity.

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